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Human Capital Management

Accelerate your digital HR transformation by creating a tech-driven future-ready strategy that fits your business’s true needs.

To gain competitive edge in the market place, you need to support organizational growth and employee engagement with a single, centralized, robust system for global and local workforce management and payroll processes.

human capital management

With Core HR  software you can : 

  • Automate employee administration, time management, payroll, and legal reporting processes
  • Support compliance requirements with changing global and local HR regulations
  • Understand, evaluate, and measure your workforce’s contributions to the bottom line
  • Strengthen employee engagement with a single, centralized system for global and local workforce management and payroll processes.
  • Consolidate all workforce-related procedures and information onto a single integrated platform
  • Depict and dissect your organizational & reporting structures
  • Create and oversee tailor-made benefit packages

Time and Attendance Management

  • Provide your workforce more ways to access the information, applications, and analytical tools they have to execute productively to:
  • Improve efficiency via automating paper-based HR forms.
  • Empower employees to oversee imperative life and work occasions with HR self-services.
  • Bring your distributed workforce together in an employee interaction center.
  • Streamline time administration to enhance asset adequacy and control labor costs.

Performance and Goals Management Business Process and SAP SuccessFactors Solution : 

  • Goal Management :

    An Employee uses an already configured Goal Plan Template in the Goal Panel to create, change, view, or delete SMART Goals using the Goal Wizard or Goals Library. His/her Manager can do the same, as well as create Team or Group Goals. They can change the status and progress of any of the Goals.

  • Competencies Management :

    Using the Competency Libraries provided by SuccessFactors, the behaviors or competencies people need to exhibit, are assigned to Job Roles within Job Families. Performance feedback is then provided with the built-in Writing Assistant and Coaching Advisor tools.

  • Continuous Performance Management :

    If enabled, the feature is used by employees and managers to record activities and achievements in line with their goals on an ongoing basis. It also allows them to request or provide Feedback.

  • Performance Management :

    Depending on how the Performance Form Template is configured, the process is carried out in specific steps, from launching the form to using it to evaluate an employee’s performance, according to Performance and Development Goals, and Job Role Specific Competencies. An employee’s performance is assessed based on the ratings and comments received, to know if the employee lacks, meets, or exceeds the business requirements.


Our team of HR experts and thought leaders work with you and enable them to become ‘people-first’ organizations that effectively combine ‘goal-performance orientation and deliver outstanding employee experience. We are in delivery of SAP SuccessFactors Cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions and on premise technology.